How to fix the tragedy of the English Language.

Look how much nicer this is than “Wednesday.”

This is a real conversation between a mother and her 3-year-old son Tommy:

“After school I runned all the way home and leaved my backpack on the table!” said the son excitedly, prompting a warm laugh from his mother.

“That’s great! But instead of ‘runned’ and ‘leaved,’ you would say ‘ran’ and ‘left,’” she replied.

“What?” asked the son, instantly serious. “Why would I ever do that?”

“Oh, that’s just how the language is, honey,” said the mom.

“Mother, I am horrified that you would raise me to use such an atrocity of a language. This is truly a catastrophe…

The solution to the biggest problem we face as a country.

The Persistence of Memory — Salvador Dalí

Part 1: The Alien’s Issue

A few days ago, after scarfing down my breakfast ketchup and caviar, I walked outside to enjoy a beautiful sunrise. Except I didn’t see a sunrise at all — instead I witnessed a flying saucer descending from the sky to touch down in one of the thousands of acres of land I own.

So I hailed my personal helicopter, flew over to the UFO, and landed a few feet away. As I front-flipped out of the open door, I watched a three-foot tall green dude step out of the ship. …

A step-by-step, specific, no-frills guide to legally starting your business and keeping it compliant with tax laws.

Glasses are optional. Photo credit: Penderev, Getty Images.

Instead of giving you a bunch of choices, I’ll tell you the services I think are the best for starting a single-member LLC. Feel free to research competitors, of course, but if you’re looking to get started ASAP, the companies listed here are all great. Please note that the advice below is coming from a fellow business owner. I cannot provide tax or legal advice. OK, now let’s get into it!

1. Name Yo’ Self

First thing: think of a name for your company. Make it short and easy to remember. Ideally it should be related to what your company does. Got one? Nice.

2. Get Organized

BOOKS. Also audiobooks are good.

Starting in 2019, I made a goal to read 52 books a year. Some of them were amazing, some of them sucked. Here are the great ones I recommend:


Ultralearning — Scott H. Young
This book teaches you how to learn things really well, really fast. It’s super fun to read and has a lot of examples. While I read it, I imagined all the amazing things I would learn right after reading the book. Then I finished the book and promptly didn’t follow most of the lessons. …


The first time I saw it, I thought, “Huh. Kind of interesting, I guess.”

And then I saw it again. And again. Did the B2B gods get together and mandate this art style? Why would they do this?

Every time I see this artistic monstrosity, I feel a tiny burst of blood-curdling rage.

Let’s break this down. There must be a reason so many companies are rustling my jimmies.

  • The characters are doing something. The activity shows how much more productive you’ll be while using the product. This makes sense, and I don’t hate the concept. But often, the characters…

Finally your customers can know the weather without having to go outside

I recently set up a TV for a storefront that rotates through Chrome tabs. I didn’t want to have to mess with it at all when I powered it on — so this thing requires no keyboard or mouse once you’ve finished setup. Just turn it on and it fires up like a charm!

What you’ll need is great, but it can be a bit of a process to get that sweet, sweet data back from it. Here’s how to send yourself the values that users enter in your chatbot.

Step one. Put an iframe with your landbot url on your page:


Step two. Add the following script to your page. This will allow you to create an access point for your chatbot:

<script src=”"></script>

Step three. Create an access point:

const myBot = new LandbotAP(“my-bot”);

Step four. Add a listener to your access point. color-selected is just…

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